EverClean launches

March 21, 2023

Success Stories

Sustainable solution for ship owners denotes another milestone for Armach’s robotic ship hull cleaning service

This release was originally issued on 21st March 2023 by Armach Robotics, a company launched in November 2021 by marine software pioneer Greensea Systems, Inc. Both companies were merged into Greensea IQ on 1st September 2023. The content remains relevant and factual.

Armach Robotics, Inc. (Armach) has reached another milestone in its mission to deliver a sustainable and scalable solution in managing biofouling for the global shipping industry. Following a successful period of demonstrating the effectiveness of its hull cleaning robots with commercial shipping operators, Armach has launched EverClean – a new service delivering always clean hulls for ship owners and operators, with the added value of perpetual hull condition monitoring.

Currently, the additional focus and pressure on ship operators to work more intensively towards decarbonizing and managing biofouling, has led to heightened demand for a cost-effective, and sustainable solution. EverClean enters the market at the right time to meet this need, with demonstrable success in maintaining a ship in an always clean state. 

Managing biofouling on ships has long been a challenge, with associated problems, including vessel scheduling, maintenance, increased hull deterioration, and reduced efficiency, affecting commercial interests, as well as the environmental impacts, including higher emissions through drag, and the transportation of invasive species.

Not long after being highlighted as a ‘solution to watch’, having been shortlisted by the Ocean Opportunity Lab and World Ocean Council’s as part of their Biofouling Innovation Challenge, Armach successfully completed its phase of proving the concept of its robotic hull cleaning system with a select number of ship operators.

Thanks to its sophisticated navigation technology, the hull service robot navigates its way over the hull intelligently, and, similar to georeferencing, maps the hull condition to its appropriate on-hull location. This ensures the cleaning of each section of the hull without accidental repeat, giving EverClean its competitive advantage, and ship owners and operators a proven, cost-effective way to ensure a clean hull at all times, with the addition of an accurate hull condition survey after each clean.