About Greensea IQ

Greensea IQ develops intelligent ocean solutions that drive technical advancement for defense, transportation, energy, and science applications.

The world on and beneath the waves has long been a source of fascination and mystery. As technology advances, our ability to explore and understand the ocean has grown exponentially. Greensea IQ is the merger of three companies at the forefront of this revolution: Greensea Systems, Bayonet Ocean Vehicles, and Armach Robotics. Each of these organizations has made significant strides in marine technology, revolutionizing the way we work in the ocean. Together, as Greensea IQ, we emerge a more powerful and innovative company. We are committed to making the work that is done on and under the ocean more efficient, safer, and for the protection of earth and humankind.

Continued Innovation

Greensea IQ builds upon the strength of Greensea Systems, a leading name in the field of marine robotics and navigation systems. Founded in 2006 by Ben Kinnaman, Greensea Systems has been dedicated to developing cutting-edge technology for underwater exploration and inspection. Its flagship product, the Greensea OPENSEA platform, is a versatile and robust marine software platform that empowers underwater vehicles with unprecedented autonomy and control.

Ben Kinnaman standing with EverClean robot in Plymouth, MA location

One of the key strengths of OPENSEA’s technology is its adaptability. Its software can be integrated into a wide range of underwater vehicles, from remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) to autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs). This flexibility renders Greensea IQ’s solutions invaluable for various applications, including offshore energy, scientific research, and maritime defense.

Greensea IQ in the Surf Zone

Greensea IQ continues to manufacture the Bayonet line of autonomous underwater ground vehicles (AUGV). Operating from the seafloor to the beachhead, Bayonet AUGVs travel through the harshest conditions where other systems cannot. Bayonet AUGVs have been used for UXO search and classification and are suited for nearshore inspection for offshore wind and defense, especially in the surf zone. Bayonet AUGVs are available as Robots as a Service to reduce the initial upfront costs for customers expanding their fleet.

Greensea IQ Reducing Biofouling

EverClean, the original always clean hull solution originally pioneered by Armach Robotics, will continue with Greensea IQ in a state-of-the-art remote operations center in Plymouth, MA. EverClean is a proprietary, scalable service solution that provides preventative in-water cleaning and inspection data to maintain optimum vessel performance for extended periods of time.

Greensea IQ continues the progress being made in the field of marine technology by providing software and hardware that contribute to the sustainable management of marine resources and the protection of both underwater ecosystems and the people working on and under our oceans.

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