OPENSEA provides capability

Open Software Equipment Architecture or OPENSEA® is an open architecture framework used to create the next generation of marine vehicles. OPENSEA is the platform that drives all Greensea IQ vehicles including the robots used in our EverClean service and on Bayonet AUGVs. OPENSEA is also the platform of choice for marine EOD robotics, diver navigation, and a variety of scientific vehicles. OPENSEA is the technology that drives every vehicle shown on this website.

The OPENSEA platform is made available to militaries around the world as part of our core capabilities for EOD and SOF as well as scientific developers. Other developers should contact to learn more about opportunities to develop on OPENSEA.

Advantages of Open Architecture

Open architecture provides several advantages as a platform for a marine vehicle/system. An open architecture system is:

Adaptable – software can be adapted to meet the requirements of different systems. The video below shows the adaptability of OPENSEA as each of the vehicles in the video are built on OPENSEA.

Modular – the smaller apps, mentioned above, can be removed or added to the system. 

Portable – software may be transferred between systems. 

Scalable – software may be made larger or smaller according to need.

Interoperable – software allows effective data sharing with other systems.