Science Solutions

Greensea IQ is harnessing the power of intelligence to extend our reach into the world’s oceans so that our work there may be persistent, efficient, safe, and for the protection of earth and mankind.

We are building a conduit to bring emerging technologies from the commercial and defense sectors into the scientific and research communities in order to create solutions that are both sustainable and impactful. Through this, we can provide wider access to subsea research vehicles to empower research efforts that will create positive, impactful change.

Intelligent Solutions for Working in the Ocean

Greensea IQ leverages its over-the-horizon communication technologies to provide solutions for persistent presence at sea. We enable and establish remote operations for new and existing members of the science vehicle fleet using OPENSEA

We seek to become a force for good in oceanographic research by providing wider access to subsea research vehicles, helping to empower the efforts that make our world a better place.

By partnering with the scientific community in their at-sea endeavors, Greensea IQ seeks to expand access to a larger set of vehicle operators and scientists via remote access to scientific and monitoring platforms.

A Modular Platform for Research

Greensea IQ’s OPENSEA platform provides a modular base for adding capabilities to fulfill your mission. Schmidt Ocean Institute has used Greensea IQ to provide state-of-the-art operational, technological, and informational support for their mission to push the frontiers of global marine research and to pioneer ocean science and technology development projects. 

The Greensea IQ Workspace and advanced vehicle control system make the SuBastian ROV a highly stable and maneuverable platform, allowing the pilot and team to focus on the mission.