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Greensea IQ provides technologies used by military, science, and commercial customers around the world. We solve the “hard” problems by understanding our own strengths and weaknesses, bringing together the best minds, and collaborating with others (even our competitors).

Solutions by Industry

Defense – Unique Challenges Require Creative Solutions

Greensea IQ provides cutting-edge software and hardware solutions to support military use of robotics in Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD), Unexploded Munition (UXO), and Special Operation Forces (SOF) missions. Its advanced capabilities have proved indispensable in ensuring the safety and precision required for these high-stakes operations. The goal is to streamline the deployment of remotely operated vehicles and fully autonomous vehicles to reduce the risk to human operators facilitating remote reconnaissance and target identification, allowing teams to approach potentially dangerous
situations from a safe distance.

Greensea IQ provides essential tools for EOD, UXO, and SOF missions, contributing to safer and more efficient operations in the field.

Greensea IQ provides solutions for maritime

Maritime – Maintaining Hull Performance

Hull fouling, the accumulation of marine organisms on the hulls of ships, is a pervasive problem in the maritime industry. This buildup not only increases hydrodynamic drag, which leads to higher fuel consumption and emissions, but it also poses a significant ecological threat by aiding the spread of invasive species to new ecosystems. Greensea IQ has introduced an innovative solution to combat this issue with EverClean, the first subscription service to an always clean hull.

EverClean utilizes advanced robotic technology to efficiently remove microfouling from a ship’s hull while it remains in the water. This not only reduces maintenance costs and enhances fuel efficiency, but it also minimizes environmental impact by preventing the transfer of invasive species. EverClean represents a promising step toward a more sustainable and efficient future for the maritime industry.

Energy – Protecting Offshore Resources

Using Greensea IQ Bayonet vehicles for offshore wind surveys represents a cutting-edge approach to efficiently harnessing renewable energy resources. This technology combines the precision of autonomous underwater ground vehicles (AUGVs) with the demands of offshore wind farm development. Equipped with advanced sensors and navigational systems, Bayonet AUGVs crawl along the ocean floor collecting crucial data on underwater topography, seabed conditions, and environmental factors.

Their ability to operate in challenging offshore environments ensures that developers can make informed decisions about wind turbine placement, cable routing, and foundation design. By facilitating comprehensive surveys with minimal environmental impact, Bayonet AUGVs pave the way for the sustainable expansion of offshore wind energy, contributing to a cleaner and more sustainable energy future.

Greensea IQ provides solutions for marine science and research

Science – Exploring the Depths

Greensea IQ plays a pivotal role in the cutting-edge science vehicle operations at institutions like the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI) and Schmidt Ocean Institute. Greensea IQ’s software solutions are the digital brain behind these missions, providing advanced control, navigation, and data management capabilities.

Greensea IQ’s software empowers scientists and engineers to conduct groundbreaking research with efficiency and accuracy. This synergy between technology and science exemplifies the crucial role that innovative software, like that developed by Greensea IQ, plays in advancing our understanding
of the ocean’s ecosystems and the broader field of marine science.

Solutions by Service

Bayonet 250 with APEX sensor sled attached, used for UXO survey to locate unexploded ordinance in the surf zone.

Robot as a Service

Greensea IQ harnesses intelligent integrated solutions to provide services in many marine environments. Through a Robot-as-a-Service (RaaS) model, we accomplish complex or difficult tasks where other platforms fail or do not exist. Greensea IQ RaaS services lower the investment needed by an industry to adopt new technology currently available from Greensea IQ.

RaaS solutions are available for the maritime and transportation industries, providing an efficient hull cleaning service with EverClean, and for commercial industries, such as dredging, offshore wind, and energy development, providing
Bayonet AUGVs for use in nearshore and surf zone environments.

Integrated Systems

Greensea IQ provides integrated systems for use in military applications. The Bayonet autonomous underwater ground vehicles (AUGVs) can be used in UXO, EOD, and a variety of other security missions in nearshore and surf zone environments. Bayonet AUGVs can be outfitted with a variety of sensors and payloads and are capable of carrying up to 350 lbs.

In partnership with STIDD Military, Greensea IQ manufactures the RNAV3, a state-of-the-art diver navigation system for STIDD’s diver propulsion devise (DPD). Thanks to RNAV3’s highly accurate inertial navigation system, the STIDD DPD is the preferred diver navigation solution by militaries around the world.

Shown is John Dunn operating hull cleaning robots using Safe C2

Intelligent Software

Greensea IQ has been developing OPENSEA, a comprehensive software platform for improving robotic systems, for nearly two decades. OPENSEA provides a fully distributed, open software framework for highly integrated systems across all brands of sensors, devices, and equipment, while its cutting-edge technologies for navigation and autonomy elevate system intelligence. OPENSEA provides intelligence to a diverse range of vehicles, from 6,000-meter deep-sea ROVs to 35 lb. hull crawlers.

Greensea IQ’s software makes the imagined into the possible—whether it’s tetherless ROVs, over-the-horizon communication, or robots
searching for and identifying EODs.