Robotics as a Service

Greensea IQ harnesses our intelligent integrated solutions to provide services in many marine environments. Through a RaaS model, we help accomplish complex or difficult tasks where other platforms fail or do not exist. Greensea IQ’s Robotics-as-a-Service solution lowers the initial investment required to adopt our new technologies.


The EverClean Robotics-as-a-Service (RaaS) solution offers maritime customers enhanced operational efficiencies, superior performance, and reduced environmental impact. Leveraging cutting-edge robotic technology and precise hull data collection, EverClean ensures an always clean hull while delivering accurate ship hull condition data.

The EverClean robots carry out cleaning operations with unmatched precision, resulting in minimal repetition and accurate data collection to deliver a hull condition report after each service.

With RaaS, we apply the advanced capabilities enabled by OPENSEA to deliver maritime customers better efficiency in operations, performance, and environmental impact—providing a distinct always clean hull maintenance solution.

Bayonet 250 with APEX sensor sled attached, used for UXO survey to locate unexploded ordinance in the surf zone.

Bayonet AUGV UXO Services

Bayonet AUGV services include nearshore hydrographic survey, wind farm cable transit survey, UXO survey, coastal dredging support, and inspections.

Fitted with a variety of optional environmental, oceanographic, hydrographic, benthic, and industry-specific sensors, the Bayonet AUGV makes work in the littoral zone easy by carrying larger sensor payloads on the seafloor, thus accommodating numerous short-term and long-term commercial applications.