Software Solutions

Creating Solutions Through Integration and Collaboration

Greensea IQ has been developing software for use in subsea robotics since 2006, when the company first launched as Greensea Systems, Inc., by founder Ben Kinnaman.

After nearly two decades of work, Greensea IQ’s flagship product, OPENSEA, has become the robotics platform of choice for nearly 3,000 vehicles. These vehicles cover every stratus of the water column, from deep sea to the shoreline, and come in nearly every possible vehicle shape, from slinky snakes to ship hull crawlers.

OPENSEA provides next-generation technology and the capability to create a more efficient and sustainable future. The open architecture platform provides control and autonomy, navigation and localization, and user interface for any vehicle on, under, or near the ocean.

EOD Workspace

EOD Workspace is the core operating platform of Greensea IQ’s software portfolio. It is also the industry’s preferred software for executing rigorous underwater missions.

Modular plugins provide additional payload control, acoustic communications, USV integration, tetherless operation, Automatic Target Recognition (ATR), and full autonomous operations to EOD Workspace.

Safe C2

Safe C2 is a modular plugin for EOD Workspace that provides long-range standoff command and control of marine vehicles, including ROVs. Safe C2 utilizes bandwidth management, compression, and data prioritization schemes to ensure effective and accurate control of an ROV, regardless of bandwidth and latency. Safe C2 is not protocol specific and works over acoustic, cellular, satellite, and radio communication links.

Safe C2 also provides integration for USVs and launch and recovery systems to facilitate
operational scenarios where the operator is remote from the ROV.


Greensea IQ provides a subscription-based software management service, EVERGREEN, for all software products. EVERGREEN subscriptions ensure that your software stays up to date.