Greensea IQ Announces Strategic Partnership with BlueZone Group for Bayonet Autonomous Underwater Ground Vehicles in Australia and New Zealand

May 30, 2024

Bayonet, Corporate

Richmond, VT – Greensea IQ, a leader in advanced marine robotics, is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with BlueZone Group (BZG) to expand the reach of its Bayonet Autonomous Underwater Ground Vehicles (AUGVs) in Australia and New Zealand. This collaboration marks a significant step forward in enhancing the operational capabilities of specialized marine systems in the region.

As the leading supplier and sustainer of specialized marine remote and autonomous systems in Australia and New Zealand, BlueZone Group will integrate Bayonet AUGVs into its existing portfolio, which includes beach and surf zone survey, mine clearance/explosive ordnance disposal, and special forces capabilities. This partnership will enable Australian and New Zealand partners to operate effectively in challenging surf zone environments, leveraging the advanced technology and reliability of Bayonet AUGVs.

“We are excited to partner with a world-leading manufacturer such as Greensea IQ, who shares our mission to deliver robust and reliable solutions to our customers,” said Neil Hodges, CEO at BlueZone Group. “Together, we will provide our partners with the ability to operate persistently, efficiently, and safely in the demanding surf zone environment.”

Bayonet AUGVs offer flexible configurations, allowing users to scale the vehicles’ size and power requirements to meet the demands of various payloads, operations, and environments. The integration of the OPENSEA platform enhances the vehicles’ capability to rapidly deploy new sensor suites, ensuring exceptional performance in detecting, identifying, and neutralizing naval mines and other explosive hazards.

Rob Howard, CGO of Greensea IQ, commented, “Our partnership with BlueZone Group represents a significant milestone in expanding the reach of our Bayonet AUGVs globally.”

The collaboration between Greensea IQ and BlueZone Group promises to deliver cutting-edge technology and reliable solutions to the Australian and New Zealand markets, ensuring fewer survey days are lost to high seas and foul weather, and enhancing overall operational efficiency.

For more information, please visit Greensea IQ and BlueZone Group.

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