Greensea IQ Signs Nippon Kaiyo Co., Ltd as New International Representative in Japan

June 18, 2024

Bayonet, Corporate

Richmond, Vermont USA – June 18, 2024 – Greensea IQ, a leading innovator in marine robotics and automation, is pleased to announce the signing of Nippon Kaiyo Co., Ltd as its new international representative for Japan. This strategic partnership aims to expand the reach of Greensea IQ’s Bayonet autonomous underwater ground vehicles (AUGV) product line in the Japanese market.

Nippon Kaiyo Co., Ltd, located in Tokyo, Japan, will leverage its extensive experience and network in the marine industry to promote and distribute Greensea IQ’s autonomous unmanned ground vehicles, the only vehicles designed to work in the surf zone and to depths up to 100m. This collaboration marks a significant step in Greensea IQ’s mission to deliver cutting-edge marine technology solutions to a broader global audience.

“We are excited to partner with Nippon Kaiyo Co., Ltd, a company with a strong reputation and deep expertise in the marine industry,” said Rob Howard, Chief Growth Officer at Greensea IQ. “This partnership will enhance our ability to serve the Japanese market with our innovative Bayonet AUGV product line, providing advanced capabilities for underwater exploration and operations.”

Tatsuo Yamashita, President and CEO at Nippon Kaiyo Co., Ltd, expressed enthusiasm for the new collaboration, stating, “We are honored to represent Greensea IQ in Japan and are confident that the Bayonet AUGV product line will bring significant value to our clients. This partnership aligns with our commitment to delivering top-tier marine technology solutions to the Japanese market.”

The Bayonet AUGV product line, known for its versatility and reliability, offers a range of unmanned ground vehicles designed for underwater tasks such as survey, inspection, and data collection. With Nippon Kaiyo Co., Ltd as the new representative in Japan, Greensea IQ anticipates accelerated growth and enhanced service delivery in the region.

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About Greensea IQ

Greensea IQ, formed through the merger of Greensea Systems, Inc., Armach Robotics, Inc., and Bayonet Ocean Vehicles, Inc., is a leader in marine robotics and automation. The company develops innovative technology solutions designed to enhance underwater operations and improve the efficiency and safety of marine activities.

About Nippon Kaiyo Co., Ltd

Nippon Kaiyo Co., Ltd, based in Tokyo, Japan, is a renowned provider of marine technology solutions. The company specializes in the distribution and support of advanced marine equipment and systems, serving a wide range of clients in the maritime industry.


Greensea IQ

Dawn D’Angelillo, Greensea IQ
Director of Marketing

Nippon Kaiyo Co., Ltd

Noboru Akiyama, Nippon Kaiyo Co., Ltd
Deputy Manager, Sales & Marketing Div.

For further details or media inquiries, please contact Dawn D’Angelillo.

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