OPENSEA for Manufacturers

August 31, 2023

Success Stories

A System Designed for Advancement

The open architecture of OPENSEA allows easy and cost-effective integration of new vehicles, equipment, and devices. Its distributed and library-based architecture confines new software to small, easily managed, independent applications that are separate from mature, robust software. Together, these features enable manufacturers more rapidly develop and deploy commercial-grade robotic systems and transition their focus to higher-level technologies providing differentiation and advancement.

By cooperating with commercial manufacturers, OPENSEA continues to grow more capable and exponentially stronger every day. System builders benefit from thousands of hours of test time and an active development effort. By choosing OPENSEA for their core architecture, engineers are free to focus on their key areas of interest and expertise.

Reduce Risk and Innovate Faster by Starting with a Robust Platform

Innovators should be moving the industry forward, not reinventing the wheel. By building on the OPENSEA platform, manufacturers are able to leverage a library of functionalities and integrations. This allows manufacturers to focus on their hardware without having to build a software platform from the ground up.

Because OPENSEA is an open architecture, development partners are able to use OPENSEA as a foundation for development. The distributed framework of OPENSEA allows containment of IP so that partners can clearly isolate and protect their developments.

By leveraging OPENSEA a manufacturer is able to tap into the experience of thousands of hours at sea across thousands of systems.