The special operations forces (SOF) combat diver performs incredibly complex tasks under hostile conditions. But those complex tasks are made up of simpler subtasks, like operating mobility systems and navigating, and we believe that if these subtasks can be automated, the diver will be able to focus on the higher-level objectives necessary for mission success and safety.

RNAV3 Diver Navigation & Autonomy

Greensea IQ has partnered with STIDD Military to develop and manufacture a state-of-the-art diver navigation platform, RNAV3. The RNAV3 integrates with STIDD’s Diver Propulsion Device (DPD), providing navigation and control. With the RNAV3, combat divers can offload navigation and vehicle operation to the supervised autonomy of the DPD, providing a safer and more productive mobility system. Adding OM2 (optionally manned) allows for fully unmanned transit to or from predetermined locations for INFIL/EXFIL.

Missions can be pre-planned, or created and updated on the fly. Thumb knobs and finger triggers are used to control the vehicle and operate the interface. The diver’s hands never have to leave the handgrips to monitor progress to a destination, system status, alarms, or even reroute the vehicle.

Adding a fully-integrated acoustic communications system to the RNAV3 allows for the sending and receiving of messages to team members during operations. Divers can send encrypted messages, share data, or direct team members to waypoints. Use pre-programmed or customized messages to communicate mission-critical status updates.

RNAV Simulator

The RNAV Simulator provides a powerful and comprehensive means for
operators to maintain proficiency, train, and evaluate operational
scenarios on a RNAV3 without having to go into the water. The simulator
uses the exact software as RNAV3 and the identical embedded processor
creating a convenient means to evaluate new software releases,
demonstrate the functions of RNAV3, and even practice failure scenarios.

The RNAV Simulator includes a dry land only simulation chassis RNAV3 with functional buttons and controls and a gaming quality computer with simulator software, RNAV3 software, and all the cables needed for operation.

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