Greensea IQ has partnered with GRi Simulations to provide training simulators for EOD Workspace and RNAV3.

EOD Workspace

The EOD Workspace Simulator provides a powerful training tool to develop and maintain proficiency with EOD Workspace and MSS Defender without utilizing an actual ROV or requiring any in-water activities. Using the provided controller and EOD Workspace on a laptop, users experience realistic navigation, sonar, mission planning, and ROV simulation.

Practicing and training on missions within the simulator replicate actual CONOPS with the mission planning software. Trainers can specify starting coordinates, environmental conditions (such as time of day), surface conditions, current, and turbidity. Each scene is typically 2 km x 2 km and includes mine targets so that operators can develop proficiency reading sonar and detecting objects.

Lu Mejia, Senior Solutions Manager for SOF, is shown holding and working with an RNAV simulator.

RNAV Simulator

The RNAV Simulator provides a training tool that places an actual RNAV3 device in the trainee’s hands. This allows training to take place without needing to deploy the RNAV3 or requiring an available DPD.

The exact same software from RNAV3 is running on a modified RNAV, allowing users to experience realistic navigation, sonar, mission planning, and DPD simulation.

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