OPENSEA for Commercial Applications

August 31, 2023

Success Stories

Ocean Power Technologies

Ocean Power Technologies (OPT) Maritime Domain Awareness System (MDAS) operates and monitors payloads deployed to OPT PowerBuoys.

The PB3 PowerBuoy® control and management system includes self-monitoring data collection, processing and transmittal to allow pro-active maintenance strategies, thus increasing availability and operational effectiveness.

Providing Integration

Ocean Power Technologies (OPT) brought together two companies to provide combined solution for the M-DAS product: Greensea IQ and Fathom5. Greensea IQ provides systems integration as well as control and autonomy solutions for the M-DAS payload system on the buoy; Fathom5 is providing cloud software, operations software, remote connectivity, and cyber security solutions. During this project Greensea and Fathom5 worked collaboratively to fulfill the technical and programmatic objectives of OPT while working as an integral part of the OPT team.