OPENSEA for Energy

August 31, 2023

Success Stories

Surveying Offshore Resources

Demand for subsea robotics in both near and offshore energy continues to grow. Greensea IQs line of Bayonet AUGVs have the potential to fill important roles in both the pre-construction survey and post-installation inspection and monitoring of offshore assets.

Greensea IQ’s Bayonet AUGVs are the only available autonomous vehicles that is able to work from the sea floor to the beachhead providing a autonomous solution able to operate in the surf zone where other systems cannot.

The system can be deployed from land or sea and has an operational depth of up to 100 meters in standard configuration the bayonet AUGV can be fitted with a variety of environmental, oceanographic, hydrographic, benthic, and wind energy industry-specific sensors thanks to the power of the OPENSEA operating system.