Protect Your Vehicle with Ongoing License Support


  • Scheduled updates (annually)
  • Bug fixes (as available)
  • Security patches (as available)
  • Collaboration on product road map, including planned vehicle upgrades
  • Product support via email or phone
  • API access and documentation
  • Access to Knowledge Base and software documentation

Greensea IQ’s EVERGREEN Program increases the value of your ROV each year by adding new technology through a simple software update. With EVERGREEN, users can benefit from more than $2.5 million in annual R&D spending as we push our latest innovations into annual software releases.

OPENSEA is a continuously evolving software framework that is updated based on feedback from hundreds of operators utilizing the technology across different applications worldwide. New sensors and components are continuously integrated and new applications are written to expand the technology’s capabilities and drive operational efficiency. Using an agile, continuous software development cycle, Greensea IQ rapidly and safely deploys robust technology to keep operators well-equipped and the product well-supported.

EVERGREEN Subscriptions

EVERGREEN subscriptions are sold on a per-license basis. Subscriptions are renewed annually, and while subscribed, users receive updates, patches, and fixes for the OPENSEA version on their vehicle. Enterprise pricing is available. Contact sales@greensea.com for platform-specific pricing.

  • Protect Investment – Software is kept up to date, secure, and in warranty during the service period.
  • Avoid Surprises – Amortize costs of future vehicle migrations and integrations with future required sensors and payloads.
  • Minimize Downtime – The EVERGREEN subscription service greatly minimizes the potential disruption from out-of-date systems.
  • Maintain Agility – EVERGREEN provides a framework within which fleets can operate in an agile manner towards software updates.