Greensea IQ and Ocean Power Technologies Extend Strategic Partnership to enhance Maritime Domain Awareness Solution

March 21, 2024

Corporate, Success Stories

Greensea IQ, a leading provider of marine robotics software and maritime solutions, is proud to strengthen its partnership with Ocean Power Technologies (OPT), a pioneer in renewable ocean energy solutions following its latest contract extension.

This significant extension underscores the longevity and strength of their partnership, which began in 2021, and signifies a deepening of their collaboration and shared vision in advancing maritime technologies and solutions.

Leveraging its versatile open architecture platform OPENSEA, Greensea IQ will continue to work with OPT to develop the next generation of OPT’s Maritime Domain Awareness Solution (MDAS).

OPT is renowned for its over-the-horizon (OTH) MDAS-equipped PowerBuoy products. The OPT PowerBuoy serves as an innovative renewable energy solution, harnessing its power from a combination of solar, wind, and wave activity. MDAS is integrated with OPT PowerBuoys to monitor and collect data in marine protected areas, mitigate illegal fishing, provide automated vessel traffic data for ports, or support extended offshore monitoring and data collection capabilities for defense and security applications.

The new multi-year contract extension, which will run through to May 2025, will see Greensea IQ’s advanced technologies, including OPENSEA and Safe C2, play a pivotal role in the evolution of OPT’s MDAS, with Greensea IQ and OPT collaborating on all aspects of system and software design and development, including command and control, communications, and data transfer, including integration of OPT’s unmanned surface vehicles (USVs) into the overall architecture. 

Initially developed for specific defense purposes, the dual-purpose technologies, OPENSEA and Safe C2, are being reworked to adapt to and support OPT’s objectives in maritime security and awareness and will enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of its ocean energy and defense solutions. This partnership will encompass integration of sensory data, user interface optimization, secure data transfer to the cloud, and integrating edge computing and storage solutions. Together, these advancements will enable seamless communication, and robust command and control capabilities.

“We are excited to continue strengthening our partnership with Ocean Power Technologies and contribute to the evolution of the Maritime Domain Awareness Solution. Our technologies, OPENSEA and SafeC2 are well-positioned to support and facilitate OPT’s vision.

“The collaboration of our technologies will prove to be an ‘easy’ lift in that we already have the working pieces, such as user interface, command and control, communication, and sensor integration. The only addition required is the integration of data transfer to the cloud.” said Ben Kinnaman, CEO of Greensea IQ.

Commenting on the contract extension, OPT praises Greensea IQ’s technology and the contribution it will bring to the development of MDAS. James Clark, OPT Principal Architect for Mission Systems states “Greensea IQ has been integral to the development of the OPT MDAS platform since the beginning, and we are very pleased to be extending our partnership with Greensea IQ for this next crucial phase of MDAS evolution. Extending our engagement with Greensea IQ signifies our joint commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation in the maritime industry. We look forward to delivering these advancements with the support of Greensea IQ and its advanced technologies.”

Greensea IQ’s technology aligns seamlessly with OPT’s vision and its work to continue exploring and developing the capabilities of its PowerBuoys, USVs, and MDAS. The synergy between the two companies promises to deliver groundbreaking solutions for the maritime industry and underscores the adaptability and versatility of Greensea IQ’s technology.