Safe C2

Safe C2 is a modular plugin for EOD Workspace that provides long-range standoff command and control of marine vehicles, including ROVs. Safe C2 utilizes bandwidth management, compression, and data prioritization schemes to ensure effective and accurate control of ROVs, regardless of bandwidth and latency. Safe C2 is not protocol specific and works over acoustic, cellular, satellite, and radio communication links.

Safe C2 also provides integration for USVs and launch and recovery systems to facilitate operational scenarios where the operator is remote from the ROV.


Safe C2 is a platform-independent solution that can work with surface, subsea, and seafloor vehicles. Safe C2 extends Greensea IQ’s current navigation and command and control systems installed in thousands of vehicles around the globe, including the current U.S. Navy EOD SeaBotix vLBV ROV, the Next Generation EOD Underwater Response Vehicle, and many inspection and work-class ROVs. Supporting a wide range of COTS data links, Safe C2 is technically viable for the expeditionary maritime EOD CONOPS and operationally viable for conducting advanced intervention tasks.

The technology hurdle addressed in Safe C2, which makes the long-range control of a marine vehicle practical, is the handling of the data stream back and forth between operator and vehicle. Safe C2 manages the data stream by transmitting the least amount of data necessary and synchronizing data so that even with slight delays, the sonar and video will remain in sync when the operator views them.

Safe C2 is integrated into Greensea IQ’s OPENSEA Edge. OPENSEA Edge brings open architecture and over-the-horizon control, as well as advanced autonomy, navigation, artificial intelligence, and machine-learning capabilities, to any ROV.

Safe C2 Details

Safe C2™ is a platform-independent, plug-in solution that allows the operation of ROVs from safe standoff distances for military or commercial use. When using Safe C2, the operator no longer needs to be on the deployment vessel, reducing risk while freeing up valuable crew space.


  • Open architecture plug-in to EOD Workspace 
  • Enables link to ROV over low-bandwidth, high-latency connections 
  • Places autonomy and situational development at the edge 
  • Prioritizes data to ensure success of current task 
  • USV integration 
  • Tether management


  • Open architecture
  • Leverages Greensea IQ’s supervised autonomy systems for ROVs and shipboard systems
  • Hardware, vehicle, and protocol agnostic
  • Bandwidth scaling by protocol and task
  • Highly configurable and scalable
  • Builds on existing assets in U.S. Navy and commercial fleets worldwide
  • Plug-and-play, add-on capability in the field
  • Implemented as a software plug-in to Greensea IQ’s Professional and EOD Workspace ROV command and control products
  • Supports any ROV with OPENSEA architecture installed
  • Customizable for specific applications, systems, and integrations
  • Integrates with other Greensea IQ autonomy and navigation products