Greensea IQ and Seaward Marine Services Sign a Strategic Multi-year Agreement to Enhance Marine Industry Services

May 17, 2024

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Greensea IQ, the innovator behind EverClean, the premier always-clean hull service, and Seaward Marine Services, a leader in global ship husbandry, today announced a groundbreaking five-year agreement. This alliance aims to expand each company’s service offerings by integrating their expertise in underwater hull cleaning (UWHC) technologies and services across the marine industry.

Under this strategic collaboration, Greensea IQ and Seaward will combine their extensive experience and capabilities to deliver a unique and comprehensive solution for UWHC. Seaward will integrate Greensea IQ’s proactive EverClean service into its portfolio, enhancing its current offerings with cutting-edge technology. Concurrently, Greensea IQ will broaden its service range by incorporating Seaward’s diverse marine services, facilitated by skilled divers.

Greg Lee, President of Seaward Marine Services, expressed enthusiasm about the agreement, stating, “This relationship with Greensea IQ is a natural fit with Seaward’s 50+ year commitment and passion for exceptional service in UWHC. We look forward to working with the Greensea IQ team.”

This agreement enables both companies to offer a more integrated and complete suite of services to their customers, establishing a new benchmark in ship husbandry solutions.

John Dunn, COO of Greensea IQ, also commented on the alliance: “Greensea IQ is equally thrilled to embark on this partnership with Seaward Marine Services. Their longstanding dedication to excellence in underwater hull cleaning perfectly aligns with our mission to provide cutting-edge solutions in hull maintenance and maritime service technology. We eagerly anticipate the collaboration ahead, combining our expertise to deliver unparalleled service to our clients and the industry.”

For more information about Greensea IQ and Seawards’ partnership, please visit their respective websites or contact either media contact directly.

About Greensea IQ:

Greensea IQ develops intelligent ocean solutions that drive technical advancement for defense, transportation, energy, and science applications. Founded in 2006 and headquartered in Richmond, Vermont, Greensea IQ has become a leader in the marine industry by leveraging its expertise in navigation, control systems, and automation. The company’s key products include OPENSEA, an open architecture software framework for coordinating complex robotic systems, Bayonet AUGVs, a highly capable surf zone crawler, and EverClean, the intelligent hull service solution that maintains an always clean hull. By delivering robust, reliable technology, Greensea IQ enables users to work smarter and safer across the underwater domain. To learn more about Greensea IQ, visit or call +1-802-434-6080.

Media Contact:
Dawn D’Angelillo, Greensea IQ
Director of Marketing

About Seaward Marine Services

From our founding in 1972 with Search and Recovery of aircraft, ordnance, and other items, often at significant depths; through offloading thousands of tons of fuel oil from vessels in distress, minimizing damage to the environment and the vessel itself; to presently with underwater hull cleaning, inspection, and repairs including underwater welding and painting. Our most recent initiative has been the successful application of state-of-the-art hardware/software/sensor technology to field multi-sensor ROVs to test the underwater condition of various marine structures, including ships, floating petroleum production/storage vessels in fixed positions, and other structures at sea. In sum, our logo projects our goal to provide valuable assistance, anytime, anywhere, underwater.

Media Contact:
Tom Wright, General Manager

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